Online Payment Gateway Integration

Posted by Anthony Zufelt, CEO on 7/5/2017 to Integrated Payment Gateways
Online Payment Gateway Integration
Do you have a website or MoTo (mail order- telephone order) business that is in need of a payment solution?  While there are many "cookie cutter" solutions out there, you will soon discover that the cost for that convenience simply isn't worth it.  We can make  payment integration simplistic AND affordable. 
Often, in choosing your payment gateway, it may be tempting to go with a simple "plug-in" from a payment facilitator.  
Although these solutions are simple to implement, the cost vs. actually getting your own merchant account is significant. 
It is not uncommon for AppleCatZebra to broker payment fees that cost a full percent less than the standard facilitator.  And in the business world, one percent means big numbers!
Worried about implementation?  No worries.  We have technicians on hand and ready to assist.  Our API integrates seamlessly with most platforms.
Our "Level One PCI compliant" gateways will impress you in both functionality and implementation.  

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