Mobile Marketing / SMS

Posted by Admin on 7/31/2017 to Mobile Marketing / SMS
Mobile Marketing / SMS
Mobile marketing / SMS is one of the most if not THE most cost efficient methods of marketing to your customers available today!  For as little as 29 bucks a month, your business can be sending special offers, discounts, coupons and notices to your most valued customers.  
AND GUESS WHAT?  Customers love it! In today's world it is how people enjoy receiving their communications.  No one wants to cut coupons, or download another app.  Text marketing is simple, affordable and effective!  
If your in business and want to see your customers more regularly or follow up with your customers to get more sells, you are CRAZY not to employ this simple and amazing resource.
We provide key words, short codes, QR codes, signage, and everything else you need to get up an running.
Contact us today for further discussion with your independent agent. 
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